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Friends of the Munich Tramways


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We meet each 2nd Monday-evening (7 pm. - 10 pm.)  in the restaurant St. Benno Einkehr, Stadelheimer Str., just next to the tram terminus Schwanseestrasse.

We arrange your tram birthday- or wedding party or incentive. We take care of decoration, catering and music.  So you and your guests only hav to get on board and enjoy the party.

You can download a flyer with information about our tram parties here.

1984 - 2017


33 years of

Straßenbahnfreunde München



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About our history:


The Straßenbahnfreunde were founded in the year 1984, because at  this time the complete abolishment of the Munich tram-system was discussed. 

Many citizens' initiatives and of course our  association campaigned  for the preservation of the trams in München.


 In 1991 the city council finaly made a decision to keep the tram system. So in he 90ties the fleet of tramcars was replaced by new cars. The old cars were given to Romania and ran in Bucharest until 2006 and do still run at Timisoara.


 The system was modernized with  priority for trams at traffic-lights and even new routes were planned. In 1996 the part of route 17 between Hauptbahnhof and Romanplatz, which was abandoned in 1983 was reopened. Since then the patronage increased so much there, that two routes (16 and 17) are needed to serve this part. In 1997 the section between Ostfriedhof and Max-Weber-Platz, which was abandoned in 1968, was built new. 


In the year 2009 the new route 23 from Münchner Freiheit to Schwabing Nord was opened. And in 2011 the extension through Cosimastraße from Effnerplatz to St. Emmeram came into service. In 2013 the extension of route 19 was opened, so the trams can stop now right in front of the Pasing railway station. 


In December 2016 one more extension opened from Steinhausen to the S-Bahn-Station Berg am Laim. In the years 1987 and 1988 our organisation campaigned against the abandonment of tram-service between Max-Weber-Platz and Steinhausen and now this route (only used as service-track since) was reopened and even extended.


The next project will be a tramway along the whole Fürstenrieder Straße. But before construction can start here, we will have some more discussions with those anti-tram-opponents, who always say: "Yes, I like trams, but not in front of my house." In December 2016 the Munich city council finaly decided to built the line, after years and years of endless discussions. Let's see when construction work will indeed start...



In the year 1988 our club bought a Munich tram of the type M. 

Motorcar 2401 and trailer 3404, both built by Rathgeber in the year 1957.

Two more trams of this type are kept in Munich. Car 2401 is kept in operable condition for city-tours and car 2403 is kept at Deutsches Museum. For this reason there was no more space for our tram and it had to leave München in the year 2006.


So we gave our tram to Torino in Italy. The cars are now being restored by our Italian friends of the Associazione Torinese Tram Storici  ATTS And hopefully soon, we can ride trough Torino in an original tram from Munich.


Since about five years our club is building a model tram layout in H0 1:87 scale. This layout is now installed in the Munich MVG-Museum and will be shown to the public at each regular opening day.


In the year 2019 the big German model tram show "Kleine Bahn ganz gross" will be hosted by the Munich MVG-Museum.




















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